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10 Modern nature fonts (free & commercial)

Check out new nature-inspired fonts for your designs. Some are free on Google Fonts, some are commercial. See examples and links.

1. Lace Rounded Bold—Natural roots in tribal look

Lace Rounded, natural roots font

Lace Rounded is a modern one-line cool font that says nature due to its organic script lines. It reminds us of roots growing naturally in different directions. This font comes in 9 weights, from thin to bold and black. See the entire Lace Rnd font family here.

2. Bauhaus Soft Black—Modern, organic & bold font

Bauhaus Soft, modern, organic & bold font

Bauhaus Soft is a modern high-contrast font that looks great in bolder and thinner font weights. The type can be used for hipster-style branding and contemporary headline design for marketing assets. It has an organic feel because of its rounded stems and terminals. The ball terminals are expansive, and the tapered terminals end on an upswing, adding to a friendly and natural tone. This family can be downloaded here. Or, check out a collection of organic fonts.

3. Bauhaus Chez Medium—Rounded, organic contrast type

Bauhaus Chez, Rounded, organic contrast type

Bauhaus Chez is similar to the Soft version listed above but doesn’t feature serifs, making this font look slightly more modern and cool. One side of each letter stem features a rounded corner, giving this font a leafy feel. This type family includes nine font styles, from thin to very bold. The lighter styles look pretty, and the bolder weights create a softer tone.

4. Kijs Light—Nature font with earthy, free-spirited feel

Kijs, nature font in light weight

Bauhaus Kijs comes in nine font weights—from Thin to Black. This typeface is a modern serif font with a cool twist. Some of the letters are slanted or constructed in a handwritten-quill style. The type feels organic because its filled ink traps add a paper print-like quality. Kijs has many alternate letter designs for designers to swap out and customize the level of earthiness.

5. Vole Regular—Fluid water feel with geometric frame font

Vole, water feel with geometric frame font

The Vole type stands out from the crowd by featuring fluid counters—the inner spaces of the letters are round, making this type look watery when set in blue tones and earthy when used in brown and darker colors.

6. Skay ExtraBold—Organic bubble font

Skay ExtraBold, organic bubble font

Skay is a handwritten-style script font with a bubble nature (thinner stroke beginnings and endings and bulkier letter centers). Great for branding with a freestyle or cute touch.

7. Averia Serif Libre Bold—Free, natural look type

Averia Serif Libre, free, natural look type

Averia Serif Libre is a serif type with a natural look through its roughly rounded stems and terminals. This font works well for body copy and headlines in larger font sizes, for example, for farmer’s market posters. Averia is available for free on Google Fonts.

8. Lemon Regular—Earthy script

Lemon font, earthy script

Lemon Regular is a free type on Google Fonts. It has a brush script feel with sweeping stems, curved joints, and terminals. It’s pretty bold for a regular-weight style, but the boldness gives this type its natural look.

9. Rubik Dirt Regular—Distressed nature font

Rubik Dirt, distressed nature font

Rubik Dirt is a boxy sans-serif font in stamp style for a distressed look. This type is best used for headlines and quotes that need to stand out and communicate earthiness at a glance.

10. Sigmar Regular—Chopped log look, free font

Sigmar, chopped log look, free font

Sigmar is a friendly marker-style font and works well for posters. The stems are slightly ragged, but the overall tone is less organic, soft, and feminine but instead natural, strong, and woody. See more friendly fonts.

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