Add-on: Font Customization


Are you looking to get your own customized version of your font? If you purchase one of our fonts, select this add-on to swap out either 1 or up to 5 or up to 10 letters from our Mojomox logo maker.

Send us a list of all the letters you want to swap and a screenshot of the letters you’d like instead.

We will manually create your custom font. The font files will be delivered via email. The order will take between 3–7 business days. Email with your list of letter changes.

Please note:

  • You can only pick from our alternative letter designs from our logo maker app.
  • Accent letters will be included in your font and don’t count towards the letter swap total. For example, if you’d like to swap the letter A, the letters À, Á, Â, Ä etc. will be included.
  • The original letter/s will stay included as a stylistic set within the font.
  • The customization will be applied to all of the font weights you purchased. No extra cost for multiple font weights of the same font family.
  • If you’d like a revision after delivery, you’ll need to purchase this add-on again.
  • Custom fonts cannot be returned or exchanged.
Amount of letters swapped
Amount of letters swapped

Product information

Font files come in different formats.

Select .OTF file if you’d like to use the fonts on your computer in other programs, such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Canva also accepts .OTF files if you want to add them to your brand kit.

Select .WOFF/.WOFF2 if you want to use the fonts on your website. Modern browsers will only need WOFF2 but we will give you both file types to ensure compatibility with older browsers, e.g. older Internet Explorer or Safari versions.

.OTF versus .WOFF/.WOFF2: WOFF formats are a compressed version of .OTF files so that the fonts load faster on websites. WOFF2 is an evolution of WOFF and is ~30% more compressed.

Other font file formats are TTF, EOT, and SVG. These formats are not needed or supported anymore. For questions, please email

After your purchase, you’ll get a link to your font file/s. 

Click to download and follow the install instructions.

For Mac: Open up Font Book. If you have multiple font files, your font folder might be zipped. Double-click the folder to unzip it. Then, select all of the font files and drag and drop them into Font Book.

For PC: If you have multiple font files, your font folder might be zipped. Double-click the folder to unzip it. Right click on one of the font files so that the menu opens up. Click Install.

Fonts are stored in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder. Another way to add fonts is by dragging them directly into this folder.