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The best fonts for fall: 9 options to try now

You might fall in love with these cool fall fonts when designing a seasonal campaign, a fall-themed invitation, or a poster for a harvest festival.

Fall is a season of change, and what better way to embrace the changing colors than with new fonts to add to your 2023 collection? Whether you’re designing a fall campaign for a brand, a fall-themed invitation, creating a poster for a harvest festival, or just looking to add a seasonal mood to your designs, the list below features modern fonts that help you create the look you want.

Sans-serif typefaces—for cute one-offs & professional design campaigns

Vole, water font

Vole is a font great for fall branding—it’s a rounded sans serif with shortened lowercase letter stems, making this typeface approachable in tone. Counters and brackets (where two strokes meet) are rounded as well—this design feature adds a watery appearance. The thinner the font weight, the more modern and professional the look, and the bolder in style, the cozier text will come across. Check out Vole Light.

Skay Black, bubble-style font

Another typeface that makes copy look comfortable and cozy is bubble font Skay in bolder weights, for example, Skay Black (shown above). It is a handwritten, clean-brush font with an organic, fluid feel. Skay comes in uppercase letters, making this font best suitable for display applications such as headlines for fall posters.

Cute reverse-contrast typeface

Pout is a cute reverse-contrast typeface that looks fun in all font weights. Shown here is the Medium weight. As the name says, this font has contrast, meaning thin and thick letter strokes, but they’re flipped. Usually, the vertical letter stems are thick, and the horizontal bars are lighter. We know this style from Western fonts, but this sans-serif version is best for modern campaign branding and seasonal fall design projects.

pretty handwritten font

Lace Rounded is a round version of the Lace typeface that comes with two free font weights for personal use. The rounded strokes make this style a bubble font. More here. While it’s best to use serif and sans-serif typefaces for professional branding and design tasks, handwritten display fonts are great for personal projects such as fall invitations and seasonal greetings for friends.

Futura-style font

A professional sans-serif typeface is Apex, a font family of nine weights. The design is characterized by pointy letter tips, such as in the letters A, M, N, and V. The font looks elegant in thinner weights, for example, its Light version (shown above). Apex is geometric in style and reminds us a little of Futura due to its simple, geometric forms.

Four serif fonts best for display use

modern short serif font

Quil is a serif font with a modern touch (letter Q’s tail), generally short serif, and sharp arms (e.g., letter L’s tail). When paired with a retro color palette of pale oranges and browns, this typeface is perfect for a sophisticated but friendly fall design.

Thin natural font

A tad more whimsical in style, Kijs Thin is elegant and resembles a natural, organic, and even magical appearance. The font’s eyes and counters are wide open, and some letters are tilted left or right, creating a modern, unique look. In contrast, the terminals of letters a, d, t, and u are elongated and bent tightly to the letter stems, balancing out the modernity of this font with a bit of a retro feel.

Bold nature font

The example image above features the same typeface—Kijs—but in a much bolder weight. I selected this style to show the versatility of the family’s design. Whereas the lighter weights may communicate branches and delicate plant growths, the bolder weights enhance lush foliage and cozy, soft designs.

Soft Display ExtraLight font style

Finally, the last font in our fall collection is called Soft Display, and I’ve selected the ExtraLight style for the image feature above. This type has open eyes (enclosed shapes of letter e) and expansive counters (letters B and O). The wideness creates a more modern and approachable look. Additionally, the typeface’s stems are rounded on one side, making this design more feminine and friendly.

These fall fonts are not included with Canva but can be installed easily using this simple guide.

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