Bubble Fonts

A collection of modern bubble fonts in cool, cute, and cursive styles for download.

Every font family has nine font weights, from Thin to Black. Use in Canva, Cricut, and other graphic apps. Select a bubble font from the collection above to view its alphabet and lettering samples.

Best use of bubble fonts

Bubble fonts, also known as balloon or chubby fonts, or “softies” in graffiti type, are a playful style of typography that has been popularized in various forms of design. These fonts are characterized by their rounded letterforms, which resemble inflated balloons or bubbles. They show a sense of lightheartedness, making them a great choice for casual, informal creative projects such as party invitations, kids’ books or branding for fun products, such as ice cream and cookie packaging.

History of bubble fonts

The origins of bubble fonts can be traced back to the early days of comic books, where they were frequently used for speech bubbles and sound effects to enhance the visual storytelling experience. In the digital age, bubble fonts have diversified, with countless styles available for both free and commercial use. Free bubble font examples from Google Fonts include Sniglet, Gluten, DynaPuff, and Modak.

How to find the right font pairing

Despite their informal nature, bubble fonts should be used with care in design projects, as they can quickly become overwhelming or difficult to read when used excessively. By thoughtfully pairing bubble fonts with more traditional typefaces, designers can create eye-catching visuals that effectively communicate their intended message while still maintaining a feel of whimsy.