Architect Fonts

Typefaces for architecture and engineering

This collection features typefaces that work well for architecture and engineering brand identity projects. All fonts are available as font families of nine font weights, making it easy to fine-tune the appearance of text—whether the font size is small, medium, or large.

Architectural fonts are not just limited to the field of architecture; they are also popular in graphic design, specifically for projects that require a geometric, organized, and professional appearance.

Fonts for architects are characterized by their particularly legible and rather uniformly spaced letters, designed to reflect clarity and precision that we know from architectural drawings and plans. Key features are:

  • Uniform thickness: This is also called a “monolinear font style.” The strokes of the letters have a consistent thickness, unlike more traditional fonts, where thickness varies.
  • All caps: Architect fonts are often uppercase for uniformity and readability in shorter texts, such as drawing specifications and labels. Alternatively, in brand identity projects, wordmarks are set in all lowercase, focusing on the letter shapes, not the word itself, emphasizing the design or philosophy behind the firm.
  • Simple and clean: The design of each letter is straightforward, without flourishes, usually in sans-serif fonts.
  • Geometric letter frame: The letters are often rather squarish in shape, adding a more constructed look to the typeface design.

Font file formats

Autocad and Chief Architect use the TTF font format; Autocad also uses SHX, and Chief Architect can also use FON, both of which are rare and not used in other software. For Illustrator, InDesign, Figma, and Canva, OTF files are best because they often offer additional features, such as alternative letter designs. However, these programs can also work with the more basic TTF font files.

All of our fonts are OTF files because they include OpenType features. It’s easy to convert OTF to TTF—upload the font file to a conversion site like Cloudconvert or email us to help at

Export: PDF usage

The fonts from this collection are for professional and commercial use and can be embedded for PDF export.