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Luxury & style—the best royal fonts for 2024

Use royal fonts to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your designs. Check out this collection for typefaces and learn when to use a particular one.

Use royal fonts to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your designs. Whether you’re looking for serif or sans-serif typefaces or are simply aiming to achieve a generally regal look, check out the collection of fonts below. Each selected typeface has a preview image of the main glyphs and includes an explanation of what the font design communicates and how to use it best.

If you’re looking for modern serif typefaces, you might also be interested in checking out our best-selling modern serif fonts, custom to our platform and free from Google Webfonts.

Classic serif fonts for headlines, books, and movie titles 

Modern serif font for monograms

Bauhaus Mod is a classic serif typeface with an overall modern appearance. The font’s counters, such as in letters e and g, are wide open, adding a friendly, popular tone. Mod’s serifs are elegant, and its ball terminals are slim and rounded. This typeface is versatile and works well in both uppercase and regular spelling.

Quil, classic serif font with modern twist

Quil looks less feminine when looking only at the serifs—they’re sharp and robust but elegant. However, some letters like B and R stand out by including a curved stroke where they usually connect to their stems. This typeface is beautiful and unique and looks particularly fancy when used in thinner font weights.

Fancy font Kijs best in bold

Zoom into this typeface. It’s called Kijs and is beautiful in its detail. Elegant tail curves, rounded crotches, and a few cursive letters all give this typeface a natural but royal-looking design. More info on Kijs Black.

Fancy sans-serifs for invitations & headlines

Elegant sans-serif contrast font Chez

Bauhaus Chez is a contrasting typeface that features light and bold letter strokes. The upper stems are rounded on one side, creating a popular and elegant style. Chez comes with stylistic sets (alternative letters), for example, letters A and E, that you can swap to create unique logos and customized headlines.

Queenly contrast font

Roma is another contrast typeface for a royal touch but with a slightly more minimal design. The default letter stems are straight, but the font has plenty of alternative letters that you swap to add a rounder feel by using, for example, letters a, d, and w. Find more design variations on the Roma detail page.

Art Deco font Quin

This font from the 1920s is part of the Art Deco collection. It has upper and lowercase letters but works best in all caps—simply because this writing style was popular then. Like classic 20s fonts, Quin’s crossbars are not at their optical center; they’re positioned higher or lower. Compare letters A and E. The typeface’s C bowl cuts off closer to its vertical center. We can also see the typical, heightened contrast between narrow and wide letter shapes, e.g., E and O. All of these design features make this an Art Deco typeface design.

For an increased concept of royalty, pair this font with a regal color palette, using maroons, purples, and deep blues paired with gold or yellow. More design details on Quin.

Modern, rounded fonts—from fancy to clash

Calligraphy-style font

Kijs Thin is part of the same font family as the Black version further up on this list. Some of the letters are not your typical serif glyphs—they are a modern version in a handwriting expression, making this typeface look cool. Accessing the stylistic sets allows you to swap the default letters with regular serif letters.

Modern serif Soft Display Light

Soft Display is a friendly serif with a sociable design character. The letters are relatively broad, the counters are open and sometimes tilted, and the letter stems are rounded on one top side—all of these features add to an overall geometric, spatial look. This typeface is elegant when you use a lighter, uppercase text design.

Royal icing font

A fun typeface that clashes with the idea of royalty is Lace Rounded, a modern handwriting style that you can use to imitate, for example, royal icing text on wedding cake graphics.

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