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The best fun fonts for kids

Check out these nine cool kids’ fonts that are fun to work with for a variety of kids’ projects.

Rounded kids fonts

Skay handwritten bubble kids font

Skay is a versatile bubble font that works great in the ExtraBold font weight for kids’ projects. This typeface comes in uppercase letters, which is best for display text such as headlines, invitations, and monograms.

Bauhaus Bau font

Bauhaus Bau is a classic font with a design concept from the Bauhaus era when modularity and simplicity were key. Letters are paired down to basic shapes, and typically sharp letters become rounded, for example, the letters A, M, and W. This makes this font more kid-friendly. These types of letters are easier to trace when you apply and outline to this typeface in applications like Canva or Cricut.

watery font Vole

Like Bauhaus Bau above, the Vole typeface also has many rounded letters. The specialty of this font is that the letter counters are filled in as if it was written with watercolor paint or an ink pen.

Handwritten and cursive fonts for kids

handwritten font for kids

Lace is a geometric handwritten font that’s great for kids because it’s personal and cursive but still great for legibility. This typeface is easy to read for kids because its strokes are monolinear, meaning they don’t vary between thin and thick. Lace has a friendly character.

Lace rounded handwritten font

Lace comes as a round font, too—two font weights of Lace Rounded are available for free here.

Cute fonts for invitations

Rounded bubble kids font

Loco is similar to the Cocomelon font with highlights for a 3d effect. The letter shapes are mostly rounded. This font gets its character from the pulled-in counters, making some letters like A, M, and W more personal and adding a unique look to the overall text.

fun bold font Bool SemiBold

Kids often learn to read uppercase letters first—Bool set in all caps is playful and friendly. Letters A, N, M, etc., have tips that add fun to any text. Horizontal strokes, for example, on the letters G, H, and E, are slimmer than the general stroke width—this adds to the young character of the font.

Goji SemiBold rounded font

The Bauhaus Goji font is a cute rounded font with a classic look for setting ABCs and monograms. In the example above, Goji is shown in a SemiBold font weight, but it’s also available in ExtraBold for a bit more bubble style. This typeface also has some hidden letters, like fun Os, which you can access in design programs. Check them out here.

Pout, reverse contrast font

Pout is a rarely seen type of font from what’s called “reverse-contrast” fonts. Reverse-contrast fonts remind us of Western movie fonts, but this one doesn’t have serifs or the little feet attached to letter stems, making this typeface much more approachable and kid-friendly. Use it in a medium font weight for birthday invitations or cool Cricut projects.

All fonts listed above can be installed on a design program such as Canva, Cricut, and Illustrator. Learn more here.

For more typeface options, here’s an overview of our fun fonts collection.

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