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Typefaces to say “Happy Anniversary!”

Wishing someone a happy anniversary is personal. If you don’t want to use your personal handwriting, pick a block, handwritten, or serif font.

Wishing someone a happy anniversary is personal. If you don’t want to use your personal handwriting, you have three main design directions you can take your text design to.

1. Blocky fun fonts like Bool

Blocky fun font

Bool is a playful font that looks very blocky in its thicker weights. This typeface has pointy tips (for example, see letters A, M, and N) and thinner horizontal bars (see letters A and H). These features make this font fun and cute.

2. Handwritten fonts to be personal

Cursive, happy font Lace

Lace is available in a straight cap version and a rounded style. The former—shown above—is a little cooler, looks minimal and friendly in tone, and works well in all uppercase letters for headlines, such as “Happy Anniversary!”

Fun bubble font

Skay has only uppercase letters, which makes this font great for titles. While lighter weights represent a pen when using a personal font, bolder weights like the one shown in the top image look like a big soft paintbrush, adding an artistic feel to any text.

3. Elegant serif fonts with a personal touch

Serif font with vintage feel

On the contrary, Kijs works best in a lighter weight such as Thin, Light, or ExtraLight to convey a personal tone. Some of the Kijs’s letters are cursive and fall out of line, making titles and headlines look more uneven, natural, and personal.

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