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Best handwritten fonts for fashion

There’s nothing better than a script typeface for pointing out the individual behind a project. Fashion handwriting is personal; it’s approachable, friendly, and inviting.

Brand designers often have a hard time using handwritten fonts for branding projects—handwriting can make brands look smaller than most startups aim for. However, there’s nothing better than a script typeface for pointing out the individual behind a project. Handwriting is personal; it’s approachable, friendly, and inviting.

Here’s a list of cool-looking handwritten fonts and how they work particularly well for fashion projects.

Lace Rounded, fashion handwriting

Lace Rounded is a monolinear typeface—meaning it’s designed from one singular line, similar to a thread that’s laid out. It’s modern and cute at the same time, rounded but not pretentious.

Fashion font Lace

Lace Light is a sister font to Lace Rounded; it’s similar in style but has no rounded line caps. It’s cut and therefore looks a bit more modern. Lace has nine font weights, making this a versatile font family.

Handwritten bubble font Skay

Skay is a handwritten bubble font similar to the Skims logotype font. It’s organic and comfortable in style, comes in all uppercase letters, and works best for logo and headline design.

A pro tip: If you’re looking for fonts in a handwriting style, try to find OTF fonts—they often include alternate letter designs that you can use to swap out letters that appear in your text frequently. That way, your logo or headline looks truly handwritten because not all of the letters of each type look the same.

Here’s an example of alternate glyphs:

alternate letters, Lace handwritten

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