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Elegant fonts for 2024

Check out this collection of elegant fonts in lighter font weights. These six typefaces have a contemporary style that works well for 2024.

Check out this collection of elegant fonts in lighter font weights. These five typefaces have a contemporary style that works well for 2024.

Roma thin, elegant contrast typeface

Roma Thin

Roma is a typeface of the contrast category—thin and thick strokes derived from a nib-style pen. This type of design is naturally classy and elegant, and due to the typeface’s open letter forms, it feels modern and friendly.

Quil, extralight serif font

Quil Extralight

Quil is a typeface with sharply cut serifs that point to a concept of precision and strength. The font gains elegance and finesse when Quil is used in lighter weights. Quil has unique designs—letters B, R, and Q stand out due to their fluid, natural strokes.

Bauhaus Mod, modern serif font

Mod Thin

Bauhaus Mod is a modern, wide-open typeface with serifs. Read more about what makes a serif font modern (vs. classy) here.

Bauhaus Slim, sans-serif font

Slim Extralight

Try Slim, a sans-serif typeface available in nine weights for a friendlier, more approachable elegance. The lighter the weight, the more elegant the design.

Kijs, natural serif font

Kijs Thin

If you’re looking for a natural feel that reminds people of plants and fluidity, check out Kijs. This typeface features a few letters in italics mixed into the overall look of an educational serif. This style creates a contemporary and unique style.


Rozi, font with sharp serifs

Rozi Thin

Rozi has 9 font weights but it’s most elegant in its lighter weights. It’s a beautiful typeface with very sharp long serifs. Rozi is modern and shows a little bit of witchcraft with its lowercase a and g. The font has ligatures & alternate letters, such as 2 or more options for glyphs A, B, C, G, O & R, to make designs unique.

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