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10 Cool beach fonts

Check out cool new beach fonts you can use for summer designs this year.

Summer means well in 2023—and so are the fonts that hit the market this season. Let’s check out cool new beach fonts you can use for fun designs this year.

From thin to super bold, there are no limits when it comes to cool beach fonts. Here’s how to make different font weights work for you and have them contribute to what you’re aiming to communicate.

Modern summer beach fonts

Vintage beach font

Kijs has a cool vintage feel—check out the letters S and i—they’re slightly slanted, which adds a unique, free spirit to this typeface. This font works best in thinner font weights for a more natural look but is also available in Bold, ExtraBold, and Black.

Luxurious font

Bauhaus Soft is a classic serif font with rounded stems; for example, see the letter X. Text set in this typeface in a thinner font weight, maybe in all caps, looks best when aiming for a timeless, luxurious, and elegant design.

Modern serif font

Quil ExtraLight works great in bolder weights too, but if your design goal is to look modern, chic, and cool, a thinner weight of this serif typeface with minimally cut serifs is the best choice.

modern contrast font

A modern classic with a vintage vibe is the Bauhaus Roma typeface. This font is high-contrast, meaning it has thin and thick letter strokes. It has a rather feminine feel with an extravagant, expensive touch. The medium font weights work well for all text sizes. If you’re looking for a logotype font or headline display, try a thinner weight, like ExtraLight or Thin, to add more character and a bit of beauty magic to your design.

avant-garde beach font

Bauhaus Bool is designed to work best in bold weights to convey a strong fun feel, but if used in lighter weights, this typeface has the avant-garde feel of the 1970s to it. Bool’s tips are pointed (see letters W and M), and its counters are wide open, supported by a squarish, geometric x-height.

Rounded fonts with a beach vibe

rounded retro font

A classic type of the 1920s and revival of the 1960s is Bauhaus Bau. Letter shapes are based on clear geometrical lines with missing letter stem extensions, for example, letters a and r. Bau’s letters are rather round (letters W, M, g), making this type of font a favorite for modern and retro logo design worldwide. Bau is a great display font, headlines set in all lowercase in Bold, ExtraBold, or Black look approachable and add the concept of modularity to any design.

display water font

Similar in style to Bauhaus Bau listed above, the Vole typeface has filled-in counters that bleed into the font’s stems, giving any text a watery, inky, or stamp-like look. This type is perfect for beach designs due to its fun, likable appearance.

rounded bubble beach font

Bauhaus Loco reminds us of rubber water toys and pool floats. This rounded type has added cutouts for a 3d effect. The bolder the font weight, the bubblier the text. This font works well in all weights and looks extra beachy when colored differently.

Cute beach-style fonts

handwritten bubble font

Skay in thinner font weights is a handwritten bubble type with rounded stems. This type only has cap letters, making it a cute headline and display font.

handwritten font

Bauhaus Lace is one of my favorite handwritten summer fonts because it’s still a monolinear style, making it look a little less personal and more cute / professional. A rounded version of Lace (called Lace Rounded) is available for free on

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