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6 Cool Procreate fonts (free & commercial)

Check out these cool six fonts for Procreate—from retro to cursive and cute.

Fonts for commercial use

Check out these cool six fonts for Procreate—from retro to cursive and cute.

1. Vole Bold, rounded counters font

Vole Bold, rounded counters font

Vole Bold is a geometric font with filled-in counters and ink traps for a vintage water effect.

2. Chez ExtraBold, organic type

Chez ExtraBold, organic type

Chez ExtraBold is a cute organic type with a warm, personal quality.

3. Lace Light, Handwritten monolinear font

Lace Light, Handwritten monolinear font

4. Pout Black, cool reverse-contrast type

Pout Black, cool reverse-contrast type

5. Goji ExtraBold, cool bubble font

Goji ExtraBold, cool bubble font

6. Loco Bold, fun bubble font with highlights

Loco Bold, fun bubble font with highlights

How to add fonts to Procreate

1. How to download fonts

For free fonts, check out free sites like Google Fonts or dafont. Procreate can import TTC, TTF, and OTF files. Save the files on your iPad. Then, hold your finger on the downloaded folder until the dropdown appears. There, click Move and select > On my iPad > Procreate > Fonts. At the top right, click the blue link “Move.”

2. How to import fonts

Importing or installing a font in Procreate is easy: Inside the app, type text, and double-click it. Click the font name in the text features modal to open it up. On the right side, there’s a link to “Import Font.” Click it and navigate to the Procreate > Fonts folder (usually under Locations > On My iPad). Click the font file.

3. How to use fonts

Your new font will be listed alphabetically on the left side of the Fonts menu. Find it, click it, and pick a style like Light or Bold.

Font licenses and commercial use

Fonts come with different licenses. When downloading a font from websites, always check the text or readme file usually included in the font zip folder. Additionally, the license info is generally listed on the page where you download the font files. See if the font is okay to use for personal use only or for commercial use.

If you purchase a font for commercial use, prices are around $10 to $40 per font style. Bundles or entire families are often cheaper than buying single styles, but you may only need some. OTF and TTF files are font formats that you can install on Procreate or other design programs like Indesign or Figma. If both formats are available, get the OTF format—OTF often comes with additional features, such as alternate glyphs that you can swap out when designing.

Once you’ve installed the OTF file in your Procreate fonts folder, you can use the new font to design with text. If you’ve purchased the font, it’s your license to use. Sometimes one license is good for 5 seats (= 5 devices to install)—this will be noted when you purchase the font. Most often, you cannot resell the font or hand the font over to a client. Instead, they will have to buy a font license on their own.

Once you’ve finalized your design, you’ll often export it as an image. This will convert text (and the font you’ve used) into pixels. So, when you pass on the image, clients will not need to purchase the font themselves.

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