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8 Hipster witch fonts

Witchcraft magic is always on our minds, so let’s take a look at eight cool new witch fonts for Halloween banners, sea witch fiction covers, and evil rune lettering.

Witchcraft magic is always on our minds, so let’s take a look at eight cool new hipster fonts for Halloween banners, sea witch fiction covers, and evil rune lettering.

Contrast serif witch-style fonts

natural spirit font

Kijs is a brand new font with a natural look that works well as a text font —with a little bit of whimsical. This typeface has nine weights—from thin to bold weights. Some letters, like letters i and j, look like a magic wand—they stand out because they’re tilted, adding a supernatural feel to this serif type. Set Kijs Thin in all caps for an extra evil style.

natural font in bold

Same typeface but bolder weight—Kijs Bold (ExtraBold and Black are also available) adds a hipster witch look to any fiction cover. It’s fluid and gives lettering a genuinely organic feel.

organic serif font Soft

Bauhaus Soft is a rounded serif typeface that creates elegant titles when used in uppercase letters in a thinner weight, for example ExtraLight.

Quil, serif typeface

Quil is a modern contrast serif with an edge. The Q’s tail and the sharp terminals of this typeface look contemporary and cool.

Quil Black, serif font

Shown above is the same font in Black, the boldest available font weight. Take a look at another cool design feature—letters B and R include a swoosh, adding a bit of magic and modernity to this typeface. Bolder weights show the high contrast even more; the short serifs almost disappear, but the terminals are sliced, making this a strong witch font.

Fonts for elegant witch lettering

minimal, elegant typeface

Bauhaus Roma Regular is a sans serif contrast font that looks elegant and feminine in thinner font weights. The terminals are rounded (e.g. letters a and r).

modern, strong font with serifs

A more robust font that works well for book titles and packshots is Bauhaus Mod Black. This typeface is a balance between a modern contrast font paired with rounded ball terminals and large i-dots.

Two witch fonts to show a fun personality

playful font in Bold

Finally, a playful typeface for Wiccans is Bool Black—an excellent fit for magical kids’ projects due to its sharp tips (letters M, W) and geometric, thick appearance.

Skay, handwritten font

For personality, check out this handwritten typeface called Skay Light—its uppercase letters remind us of sticks and wands.

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