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8 Romantic fonts for being in love year-round

From vintage serif to modern, sans-serif, and high-contrast fonts, check out this best-of romance font collection to create designs that stand out.

From vintage serif to modern, sans-serif, and high-contrast fonts, check out this best-of romance font collection to create designs that stand out.

Many fonts come in various font weights, often from very thin to very bold, but I prefer working with lighter weights when it comes to romantic-style design. They look more elegant, flowy, and refined.

However, most typefaces selected below are also available in bolder weights—an easy way to fine-tune your design message: The lighter you go, the more fragile the text (maybe the title of a relationship?) will come across, and the bolder in style, the sturdier and more solid the text you’re describing will appear.

Serif fonts for romance

vintage serif font for romance

Kijs Thin is part of the font family Kijs. Some of the typeface’s letters stand out because they’re designed in a script, cursive style. This feature gives the font a vintage, more natural look, making it a great display type for headlines and logos.

victorian font style

Quil Medium is the middle font weight of the font family. Quil’s terminals have a modern length and are cut instead of rounded (e.g., letter r), its serifs are short, and its strokes are those of a high-contrast text font. Pair this font with a medium-dark teal, beige, chestnut color palette to bring out the typeface’s Victorian character.

book font for romance

Bauhaus Soft is also a modern serif typeface, but the font weight I selected here is called ExtraBold. This style adds a heavy, natural feel to any romance title. The o is titled to the left, the upper-right stems are rounded, and its serifs are prominent, giving this font an organic and feminine look. This font also works well for book titles and food branding.

No-frills romance fonts, from handwritten to modern sans-serifs

handwritten font

Lace is a geometric script font in a constructed handwritten style. Its monolinear strokes make this typeface friendly and approachable. The Light font weight adds elegance, creating a loving and personal tone to wedding branding, including invitations, stationary, menus, and thank-you gifts.

minimal romantic, watery font

Vole Light is more minimal in style than Lace. I prefer to use this typeface when set with tighter letter spacing to emphasize the filled-in counters. This feature gives this font an inky water look, as if the liquid used to write in this font is bleeding into the paper. Vole looks more personal when set in all lowercase but is great for branding in bolder in all uppercase letters.

romantic script font

Lace Rounded is—like the name says—a rounded version of Lace, listed above. This font has a couple of free styles that you can get on this site. I like this typeface because it looks personal, minimal, and compact at the same time.

Apex, pointy font and Kijs, natural font paired

Apex is a popular font family—it looks modern due to its pointy tips, e.g., the letters M and V. Apex Light is paired with Kijs Light for its ampersand symbol to add a romantic character into the more minimal title layout. When set on a white, pink, and red palette, these fonts make the best rom-com movie title branding.

contrast, classic font

Finally, a romantic font classic is Roma, here set in the “Light” font weight. Roma is considered a humanist-style contrast font with thin and thick letter strokes. This typeface is feminine and great for Valentine cards and jewelry and beauty princess branding.

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