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2024’s top modern sans-serif fonts: Our creations plus free styles

In 2024, modern sans-serif fonts have moved from just being minimal and practical to becoming an intentional style choice. Here’s a list of our top picks.

The rise of the modern sans-serif fonts in 2024: From plain sans to stylish

In 2024, modern sans-serif fonts have moved from just being minimal and practical to becoming an intentional style choice. Sans-serif fonts, which don’t have the tiny feet at the ends of letters like serif fonts do, are known for their clean and simple look.

difference sans vs sans-serif font

What makes sans-serif fonts modern are features like a geometric frame, consistent line thickness, and creative details that add personality—think letters with unique twists like an upside-down letter S or extra-long terminals (ending of a stroke) that reach further than they usually do. These fonts aren’t just about looking good; they’re about adding character to the text.

On the flip side, classic sans-serif fonts go for a more timeless vibe. They’re often a bit narrower and may stick to a rather traditional look with a tiny bit of line contrast, especially when it comes to text fonts.

style difference retro vs classic vs modern sans serif

Retro fonts follow distinct design principles prevalent in those specific times. For example, a Bauhaus font is simplified and constructed from geometric shapes. Or, an Art Deco typeface plays with the contrast of some letters being geometric and some being narrow (condensed). Crossbars may be higher or lower than in classic sans designs.

retro sans-serif font examples

While modern sans-serifs grab your attention either with their minimalist approach or with their individuality, classic typefaces fit in smoothly anywhere in between, prioritizing ease of reading.

Our top picks: modern sans-serif fonts from our collection

modern sans-serif font Acme

Acme, cool sans-serif font for display and text


modern sans-serif font Bool

Bool, playful sans-serif font


modern sans-serif font Byrl

Byrl, wide (extended) sans-serif font


modern sans-serif font Vole

Vole, water font


modern sans-serif font Mosy

Mosy, friendly modern sans-serif font


modern sans-serif font Desk

Desk, extended font for tech and design


Strengthen your design without cost: best free sans-serif fonts from Google Fonts

While there’s a handful of sans-serif fonts on Google Fonts that are very popular and have a modern feel—think of Poppins and DM Sans—solely having a geometric frame doesn’t make a font modern anymore in 2024. Instead, we’re pointing at the trend of maximalism in design and are looking for additional character within the typeface design.

Here’s our top 5 list for free modern sans-serif fonts on Google Fonts—from most modern to more classy:

1. Unbounded

This font is extended, breaking its stems like decorative broad-nib lines with a tidbit of handwritten character.

free sans-serif font Unbounded


2. Bricolage Grotesque

This typeface puts ink traps front and center. It has a handwritten feel to it and friendly terminals with an underbite for letters e and s.

free sans-serif font Bricolage Grotesk


3. Space Grotesk

Letter s is leaning back, letters a, g, r, and t are squarish, and the vertexes of V and W are shifted horizontally, adding a quirky and more technological feel.

free sans-serif font Space Grotesk


4. Plus Jakarta Sans

This font gets its character from being a bit odd—may that be on purpose on an accident. Letter s is slightly tilted, the letter t’s ascender is filled in, and letter c is cut diagonally, adding to an overall modern feel for this sans-serif font.

free sans-serif font Plus Jakarta


5. Wix “Madefor” Display

Similar to Gotham, known as the Obama font, Wix “Madefor” Display uses a very geometric style but a squarish f-arch and a minimally peculiar s with its spine sticking out slightly.

free sans-serif font Wix madefor Display

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