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Dark & cool fantasy fonts to use in 2024

Here are nine fonts for fantasy designs. From natural to sharp and pointy fantasy fonts, we’ll give you examples of using them for magical creations.

Fantasy fonts with a natural feel

Kijs Thin, natural font

Let’s check out the first fantasy font. It is called Kijs and comes in many font weights. Here, we’re looking at Kijs Thin. This particular font weight is very light and, if set in all capitals, gives any text a magical, fantasy-like feel. The reason is that only some of the letters, for example, G, I, and R, are curved and slightly tilted to the left, which adds a more organic concept.

As you can see in the example above, a lot of the fantasy look comes through the color palette and graphic design effects. A dark forest, natural green paired with a black vignette, and gold text color gives this fantasy design a modern and elegant appearance.

Kijs Black, bold organic font

In the following example, we look at the same typeface but in a Black font weight. “Black” is the boldest of all possible font weights. The typeface is still feminine and natural, but with this intense boldness, it feels more organic. A bolder typeface like this balances nicely with fantasy color palettes of purple and red tones.

Sharp & pointy fantasy fonts

Acme, cool fantasy type

The next typeface we’re looking at is called Acme Light. At first glance, it looks like a modern geometric sans serif text typeface, but when you set it in the thinner font weight and all caps, the text turns into a fantasy expression. For example, look at the number three or the letter S—letter strokes start and end in a cut, metal-like style. Adding an underline, top line, and a color gradient of red tones gives you a modern fantasy visual.

fantasy font with tips

Apex is a pointy font, meaning letters with a tip, like A, V, W, and M, reach beyond the baseline cap height line and form a sharp tip. This font style is excellent for fantasy designs because it naturally communicates swords and sci-fi.

humanist feminine font

Use Roma Regular when you’re looking for a humanist, medium-contrast typeface. It’s luxurious and elegant and will—with a golden glow effect—quickly turn into elegant fantasy text.

Serif fantasy fonts

Quil ExtraLight, modern fantasy font

The following example is the font Quil ExtraLight. It is a serif typeface with short serif and modern simplified broad-nip terminals. Text in this font looks strong and sharp and works well for longer book cover titles when set in uppercase letters with tight letter spacing. Quil is similar to the Final Fantasy font and has a medieval touch.

Quil Black, strong fantasy font

Using the same font as in the example above, this modern serif can also be used in a bold font weight to add more strength and power to the text. This way, some of the font features, for example, the sharp beak terminals, come out more.

Bauhaus Rose, sharp font

Bauhaus Rose Black is available in many font weights, from Thin to Black. The elongated serifs and the different thicknesses of letter strokes make this a high-contrast serif type best for use as fantasy logos and headline text for book and movie titles.

Fun fantasy font for kids

kids fantasy font

And finally, let’s check out a fantasy font for kids’ projects. This typeface is called Vole Bold; it is round in overall style but has unique round counters (the holes / inner shapes of letters). This feature gives text a watery effect. When you pair Vole with a bright color like neon purple and a darker, muted blue, designs get a more light-hearted fantasy feel suitable for kids.

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