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6 Cool bubble fonts for 2023

In this article, we’ll check out new, cool bubble fonts that are fun, look modern, and come in lots of font weights to pick from.

In this article, we’ll check out a few bubble fonts that are fun but also look modern.

1. Bool font with stylistic sets for playfulness

very round G and O shapes

Bool is a playful geometric bubble font whose counters are rounded. This effect is best seen using bolder font weights, such as Bold, ExtraBold, and Black. In the image above, check out the letters B and O.

This font also comes with stylistic alternates, alternate characters that a designer can swap out with a design program (Illustrator or Figma, for example).

2. Lace, rounded type in bubble shape (bold weights)

wavy and twisted letters remind us of modelling balloons

Lace Rounded has nine font weights, from Thin to Black. Whereas the thinner weights make text designs look like they were written with a finer brush, almost inky, the bolder weights bring out the bubble effect of this font.

Wavy, twisted letters, such as m and r, remind us of modeling balloons, and the rounded terminals add to a balloon feel.

3. Vole font with rounded counters

rounded joints add bubbly feel

This type creates a balloon feeling by filling in the counter spaces of the letters. For example, check out letters b and w in the image above to see how this style makes words look watery or inky.

4. Skay font for a bubble balloon style

the bolder the font weight, the more balloony the text feels

The bolder the font weight, the more of the balloon style of this typeface is to see. Like in the letter Y, round arms add an organic, fluid quality. This font comes in uppercase letters only but has nine font weights to pick from. Skims is a popular brand example that uses a type design like Skay’s.

5. Goji, rounded geometric type

rounded geometric fonts add a bubbly fun feel without being too wild

additional / alternative letters can support your design concept

This type is a simple Arial Rounded-like design based on a classic sans serif geometric frame with rounded terminals to create a friendly design.

Goji turns into a bubble font set in Bold, ExtraBold, or Black. This font also comes with stylistic alternates, such as the letter O, for unique text stylization.

Rounded, geometric fonts like Goji are popular amongst brands that want to communicate friendliness and approachability. The “Crocs” logotype is an example of this style of typeface.

6. Loco, similar to Cocomelon font

Loco Cocomelon style font

Loco is a rounded bubble font inspired by kids and similar to the Cocomelon font. Loco is fun in style. Some letters are minimally tilted, the counters are rounded, and the terminals have a slight bleed. This typeface uses highlights to create a 3d effect. Best suited for logos and headlines.

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