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7 Free-spirited Boho fonts to inspire fernweh

Check out these seven fonts from our Boho collection for 2024. From simple hand-lettering to whimsical reverse-contrast fonts, this versatile selection adds character to your designs.

Check out these seven best fonts from our Boho collection for 2024. From simple hand-lettering to whimsical reverse-contrast fonts, this versatile selection adds a unique character to your designs.

For the Boho collection below, I’ve chosen only thinner font weights to create a flowing, light-hearted feel, but all seven typefaces come as font families with bolder weights, making them the best allrounders to keep in your font book.

Simple, sans-serif fonts for Boho designs

water font Vole

This style of typeface can be seen in startup tech logos, but Vole Light deserves to be used more often in other industries too. The unique feature of this font is its counters with brackets, the inner spaces of letters, and when they connect to the rest of the letter. For example, when you look at the letter w. Wherever two strokes meet, you’ll see that the empty spaces are slightly swollen, like ink or water filling in. In bolder weights of Vole, this turns the letter counters into caves; lighter weights make the text look more fluid and free-spirited.

wild Boho reverse-contrast font

Pout is a reverse-contrast font, meaning the boldness of the contrast is on the horizontal axis versus the vertical axis of typical contrast fonts. Medium is the font’s middleweight—pick a lighter weight for more elegance or a bolder weight to emphasize the reverse-contrast nature. Pout is simple, straightforward, fun, and a little whimsical in character. Its serifless design makes this typeface a modern Boho font, especially when paired with gold and metallic color palettes. Tip: This font has lots of alternative letters for versatile, unique designs. Check Pout out here.

Roma, beautiful display font

A modern humanist contrast font is Roma. We see this style of font often for contemporary beauty branding. Still, it works well for Boho designs because it has a minimal back-to-the-roots feel, allowing product packshots, photography, and personal wedding branding to shine.

handwritten Skay font

The Skay typeface has an all-uppercase design, making it suitable for display text. It looks like ink hand-lettering with its rounded strokes and curved letter shapes.

Boho-style handwritten font

Lace Rounded is also a handwritten typeface, similar to Boho Berry font. The type has a casual and personal quality, using a monolinear stroke style to create simple but chic lettering. It’s a free font for download here.

Beautiful, free-spirited serif fonts

free-spirited nature font

Kijs is a new typeface in this collection. It is genuinely free-spirited in nature when used in its lighter font weights. This serif font has pronounced, thin serifs with some letter spurs (tails in, for example, letters a, t, and u) pulling straight out and up. This design feature adds to a recognizably natural look. Another unique aspect that contributes to the typeface’s free, casual appearance that works excellent for unique display text is the cursiveness of letters i and j.

chic Boho serif font

Soft Display Medium is a clean, modern serif typeface for headlines and logos. The font’s serifs are long and elegant, and the top right corners of the letter stems are rounded, giving the design a softer, gentle tone. The font in lighter styles reminds us of delicate elements in nature; the bolder styles add a feeling of “lush” and “organic” to any text design.

Learn how to easily install fonts on your computer to use them for designs in Cricut, Canva, Illustrator, and other layout programs.

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